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Derawan Island: The Terrains at Derawan are varied-from walls and fringing reef to caverns. Big green turtles (chelonia mydas), whitetip leopard and nurse sharks, schooling barracudas, napoleon wrasses, cuttle fish, spanish mackerel, jacks and batfishes, and ornamental reef fishes hang out in record densities and diversity.

Sangalaki Island:Sangalaki is the world Capital of Mantas. At Sangalaki the familiar set of Manta Rays emerges from all directions. Their wing tips breaking the surfaces at regular interval. Snorkelling is the way to interact with this gentle plankton feeders. It is not unusual to find them encircling you.Though most of them are about 3,5 meters (12 ft) wide with a white belly, there a few black giant with a 6 meters (20 ft) wing span – we refer to them fondly as the Darth Vaders.

Maratua Island: Imagine you are sitting on a ringside seat, the arena an underwater colosseum at 100 feet, beneath you and abyssal plunge beyond the depth of mortal endurance. The arrival of a lone 7 foot great barracuda heralds for the show to begin. A dark cloud emerges from the distance, like an uprising tornado, as it twirls toward you, the dark mass metamorphosizes into silvery screen of barracudas, thousand… uncountable.

Kakaban Island: The Island of Kakaban is an excepfora marine environment. An uplifting in the area during Holocene transgression, about 19000 BC has left 5 sq kilometers of seawater trapped within a 50 meter (165 ft) ridge, turning the area into a landlocked marine lake. The only other know lake of such nature found in Palau, Micronesia, is a desert compared to kakaban. The lake is teeming with at least 4 species of stingless jelly fish including one of an upside down species of Cassiopea (possibly Cassiopea Xamachana).

Derawan Dive Resort has 27 Traditional Kalimantan style cottages. Each room is fitted with Air Conditioner, hot water system for deluxe and VIP rooms. VIP rooms are fitted with TV set, dry kitchen and Family rooms.

The Floating Restaurant has 75 guest capacity with superb sea view and delicious “all you can eat” BBQ, Chinese, European, Japanese or local meal set.*

Resort Dive Center is located on the beach facilitated with reliable dive equipment rental and professional dive guides. The dive center use 3 Bauer air compressors for refilling dive tank.

For professional underwater photographers and videographers, there’s a room dedicated for batteries recharge and set up at the dive centre.

Four twin engine boats are used for diving; while three twin engine boats are used for return transfers between mainland borneo and derawan.

Dive Sites

Dive Season

Departs Weekly

Berjaya Tioman Resort & Facilities

Trip Itinerary

Day 1

2 hrs prior of flight, Check in at Changi Airport Depart for flight SIN-BPN (Balikpapan) by SilkAir
Flight transfer BPN-BRU (Berau) by Kalstar Boat transfer to Derawan Dive Resort
Check out dive at Derawan Twin-share deluxe accommodation, all meals provided

Day 2

Daily 3 dives at Derawan + unlimited self shore dive
Daily meals on island provided Twin-share deluxe accommodation

Day 3

Daily 3 dives at Sangalaki + unlimited self shore dive
Daily meals on island provided Twin-share deluxe accommodation

Day 4

Daily 3 dives at Kakaban + unlimited self shore dive
Daily meals on island provided Twin-share deluxe accommodation

Day 5

Daily 3 dives at Derawan + unlimited self shore dive
Daily meals on island provided Twin-share deluxe accommodation

Day 6

0500hrs Check out from resort
Boat and flight transfer BRU-BPN-SIN

[blockquote author=”” link=”” link_title=”” target=””]Package Rates[/blockquote]

6D5N Diver : $2199

6D5N Non-diver : $1865

*Above package subject to minimum 2 pax

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Return airfare BPN-BRU-BPN with all tax,
All meals on island, twin-share accommodation, dives as indicated and unlimited shore dives, tanks, weights, dive guide service, return boat transfer if you have 5 pax,


Return SIN-BPN-SIN Airfare with travel insurance, equipment rental charges,
SIN-BPN-SIN estimated from $700-$800 with all tax and travel insurance

Other extras (Singapore Dollars SGD)

Return boat transfers if less than 5 pax: SGD $120 per person
Single supplementary charges : Applicable on room charges only