We are a diverse, yet cohesive, group of multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary individuals who have worked together for years, and we have a solid track record of diving and travel experience. We share a passion for nurturing divers and growing them to realize their fullest potential.


John LEE

Founder of Waikiki Dive Centre

John took up diving since 14 years old, John has dived a long way to earn a weight belt full of ratings including PADI IDC Staff Instructor, TDI Rebreather Instructor, PSAI Instructor, Mares Master Level Technician, of course the list goes on…

Be sure to look out for this handsome chap in the shop hiding somewhere!

Email: john.lee@waikikidive.com

Stella LEE

Founder of Waikiki Travel

Diving since 20 years old, the sea has definitely made a huge impression on this lady!

Besides being a PADI IDC Staff Instructor and EFR Instructor Trainer, Stella has immersed herself into Underwater Photography and Videography.

You might be the next lucky diver in her video when you come with us on your group trips with us!

Email: travel@waikikidive.com


John LIM (Known as Uncle John)

Sales Executive

Known fondly as Uncle John, he has a vast experience in selling of dive gears. If you want anything or scouting for something in particular, he\’s the man you should go to! Having being in the diving (commercial and recreational) industry for the past 30 years, we are proud to have him assisting you for your diving needs!


Diego Iglesias

Padi Dive Instructor, Sales Executive

The funky guy from Argentina. Very knowledgeable in dive gear and will be very happy to answer all your questions patiently. Diego is also a very patient dive instructor who takes time to run through skills with you.


Welson Tesorio

PADI Dive Instructor, EFR Instructor

Welson is a very patient instructor. Having many years of dive mastering experience before becoming a dive instructor, he understands your concerns when diving. You are in good hands when training under him, and will love him for his patience and accommodations.


Patricia Lim

Sales executive and Dive coordinator

Our meticulous administrator! Patricia will coordinate all your paperwork and get them sent out to the dive operators before your dive trip. So please bear with her when she keeps pestering you for your information. She will also be glad to assist you in choosing the right gear for your dive course.


Kurenai Morita

(Japanese Speaking) Travel arrangement for Japanese, PADI Assistant Instructor

Being in Singapore since 2000, Kurenai has become very Singaporean, and yet maintaining her Japanese roots. How to do that? By taking Japanese divers underwater! She is also able to advise Japanese customers on dive travel arrangement, and of course guide and teach at the same time. It\’s no mean feat for a petite lady!